Welcome to another blog hop, the last for a fortnight, as I’m having some time off blogging next week to enjoy family time at our caravan with our son and his 3 children. Unfortunately there won’t be any time for writing, and so I’ll see you all again at the Open Book Blog Hop on June 5th.

Today’s topic is:

What skill do you wish you had, either as a hobby or a career builder?

I’m quite musical, but failed early on to master an instrument. I would have loved a career in music and to be able to play the piano to concert pianist level. I’d also like to be able to improvise long guitar solos like my son can do, just for a hobby. Unfortunately the ability to master an instrument skipped a generation. Mum could play any song on the piano, and son Marc can do this on the guitar, but lil’ ol’ me has a love of music but cannot express it. I can’t even sing any more, but thankfully on the positive side I can listen and appreciate.

Never mind, I’ve had a different career and hey, there’s many people worse off than I am.

Another skill I’d like to have had is a mathematical mind. I am number illiterate and was always bottom of the class at Maths. I’m in awe of people who can decipher algebra, fractions, calculus, sines and cosines for example. I can do the four basics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), but am terrible at mental arithmetic and can barely add up two numbers in my head. However, it hasn’t stopped me enjoying my job as a medical secretary, because I picked a career that focuses on something I’m better at… words.

Let’s see which skills other blog-hoppers wish they’d had. Click on the blue button below to find out, or just leave a comment. Thanks.


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