Back in the late 1960s I’d look forward to Aunt June and Uncle Stan visiting us on a Sunday afternoon, together with their 2 daughters (a few years older than myself) and June’s friends Rose and Artie. Aunt June was always full of life and eternally happy. Mum would cook dinner for us all, and after dinner we’d play board games, cards, or sometimes June would bring out her Ouija board. Artie would immediately remove himself from the table and have nothing to do with it, but the rest of us would sit round in a circle, put one finger on the indicator, and I’d feel terribly excited in case we’d get a message from the ‘other side’.

Rose would ask whether anyone was there, and we’d all sit in silence. However, June never took anything too seriously. I always knew that if the indicator moved, then she would somehow be behind it. We girls would giggle at any rude messages. I’d look at June and she’d have a twinkle in her eye.

I was surprised to see another Ouija board at my secondary school around 5 years later. Some of the girls would sit around it at lunchtime, ask stupid questions, and giggle. However, a teacher soon found out and the board was confiscated. We were all lectured on the board’s dangers, and warned never to use one again.

To my knowledge, I’ve never noticed anything untoward when using an Ouija board. To me it’s been a form of entertainment, with Aunt June and then the girls at school all pissing about and giggling. We’ve never had one in the house, but I’d be interested to hear from anybody who has ever used an Ouija board and had a genuine message from the Spirit world.

Have you?