It was a memorable day today, as Sam received an invite to claim his state pension. As soon as I saw the look on his face, I felt a poem coming on…

Old Age Blues, by Stevie Turner

Sam stared at the paper

Upon which was writ…

Get your state pension‘.

“Oh” says he,

“Does this mean I’m an old git?”


“I’m afraid it does,” says I,

“But never mind

At least I’m not

Too far behind.”


Yes, I’ll soon get my invite,

My youth is spent,

Time to hang up the NHS headphones

And plan my retirement.


It’ll be strange being a pensioner

The butt of comedians’ jokes,

The invisible silver army…

Old folk.


I don’t feel old

Inside my head,

Outside’s very different…

The knees…the back…the legs.


I’ll keep it all moving though,

On the Isle of Wight,

I’ll race up those hills,

Old age I’ll fight.


I’ll get on my bike,

I’ll wear out my shoes,

I’ll try not to sing

The old age blues.


Sam’s putting it off

For a little bit longer

He’s not stopping work

Old age he’ll conquer.


Me, I’m happy to read, write and blog,

And sit on my decking in the sun,

No more work,

I’ll take the money and run.