Thought I’d share a few pics of our trip to London last weekend.  To celebrate our 36th wedding anniversary we went to see Motown, the Musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre in the West End.  I must say, the musical was excellent and the cast were all extremely talented, especially the little boy who played Michael Jackson.  This show is recommended for fans of Motown music, which includes hits from Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Jackson 5, and Smokey Robinson and The Miracles.  Of course it also focused on Berry Gordy’s early years, as he tried to carry out his father’s advice to ‘be the best that you can be’ (sound advice in my opinion!).

After having dinner in the Strand Palace Hotel, we walked along the Strand to Trafalgar Square.  I had to laugh at the ‘Do Not Enter’ sign in the middle of one of the fountains there.  There was a time when I was about 18 or 19 when I would come here with a group of friends on New Year’s Eve, sing and dance, kiss a few policemen, and dare each other to jump in the fountains.  Some of us did (I’m not saying anything more), but now nobody’s allowed to for our safety, and the world is a sadder place for it.



Note the ‘Do not enter’ sign in the fountain at Trafalgar Square!


Shaftesbury Avenue,  Theatre-land



At the Strand Palace Hotel



Street Art in Trafalgar Square