Almost exactly a year ago, Bernadette invited me to join the writing community at Haddon Musings’ Senior Salon.  During 2016 I have come to know many interesting and supportive authors who also link up to the salon, and I’d like to leave a link to their blogs here and send them my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.  I’ve also included other authors who have commented many times on my Haddon Musings’ blogs, and because of this I’ve got to know them better as well.  However, if I’ve left anybody out, then all I can say is that it wasn’t intentional!

Happy Christmas to all, and do check out these blogs over the holidays:

Alienora at ‘Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman’:

Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie:

Aurora at ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’:

Bernadette at ‘Haddon Musings’:

Bridget at ‘Watching the Daisies’:

Chris at ‘Pears Not Parsnips’:

Chris at ‘The Opening Sentence’:

Chris, The Story Reading Ape:

Christoph Fischer:

Clive at ‘Take it Easy’:

Darlene Foster:

D.G Kaye:

D.E Haggerty:

Don Massenzio:

Ellen Best:

Fabiola at ‘FabiFabu’:

Frank Parker:

Jo at Joanneddy:

Jodie’s ‘Touch of Style’:

Maria at ‘Health from One Heart to Another’:

Pirate Patty:

Richard Ankers:

Sacha Black:

Sally at ‘Smorgasbord’:

Sanctuary 5014:

Sue Vincent:

Tara Sparling:

Yecheilyah at ‘Pearls Before Swine’:

Last week Bernadette asked whether she should continue with the Senior Salon in 2017.  All I can say is…yes please!  Look at all the interesting blogs above that I’ve been lucky enough to discover!