As you may or may not know, I’m a bit of a rocker on the quiet.  Tell me about a music festival and I’ll do my best within my budget to get to it.  We can all link certain songs with events in our lives, and I’m no exception.  But when I try to think of songs by just one band that sum up my life, I keep coming back to the same one- Abba.   Here’s why:

‘Dancing Queen’:  Sums up my late teenage years and early twenties as a disco dancing queen!

‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’:  Ooh, heart-breaking teenage angst!  ‘Nuff said!

‘The Way Old Friends Do’:  This is me and Sam down to a tee.  We can share a silence without having to say anything.

‘One Man, One Woman’:  Another one for Sam and I.  The song says it all really.

‘Thank you for the Music’:  To have music in our soul brings us untold joy.  I know, because I’ve got it in mine.

‘Move on’:  Everything changes with time, and we must change with it and move on.

‘I Have a Dream’:  I have had many dreams.  Some of them have come true, and some haven’t.

‘Eagle’:  Ah yes, sometimes  in dark days I’d like to have been an eagle flying on the breeze…

Which band sums up your life?