The Accident is a good psychological thriller, which coincidentally is my favourite genre to read when it comes to fiction.  S. D Monaghan’s book seems to be doing very well in the Amazon rankings, and now I’ve read it I can understand why; there’s a gripping, fast-moving and suspenseful plot to keep the reader turning the pages.


David and Tara are quite wealthy and are about to move into their dream home, which has been renovated by builder Ryan and his team, including architect Gordon.  Tara cannot help but have one last fling, and David catches her in flagrante delicto with Ryan in their new house.   In a fury David fights with Ryan and quite by accident pushes him over a balcony onto the concrete foundations for a patio.

David is appalled that he has killed Ryan, but realises that it would be easy for Ryan to be buried under the patio forever.  However, fast forward a few weeks and Gordon the architect has some bad news for David, and also David and Tara’s neighbours’ drains are blocked. The consequences of that fateful fight will change David and Tara’s lives in a way that they would never have envisaged.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which has a good twist at the end.  I give it 5 stars and recommend it most highly.