Hi all, this month I read a story by Phill Slater, and I had to pick it out as a winner.  I had read some years back about a ‘waiting room’ that we go to after death, some of us to recover from illness, and others to look back over their lives.  Maybe Phill had read the article too, and felt inspired to write his story.  Anyway, congratulations Phill, I enjoyed ‘The Waiting Room’.  

Read Phill Slater’s story here

Here’s your laurel, Phill, to add to your story.  Please let me know if you would like me to add your story to a free anthology I am putting together.  Also I’m not sure if the link you gave me is working properly.  Perhaps send another one in the comments?


And the runner-up is Tallis Steelyard’s entertaining story ‘A Magic all of its own’.  Who would have thought I’d pick a story featuring haemorrhoid cream (but I did!)?

Read Tallis Steelyard’s story here

Here’s your laurel Tallis (Jim Webster!) to add to your story:


I’ll start up another ‘Share Your Short Story’ in the autumn,  as unfortunately interest seems to have waned.  The free anthology will therefore be delayed until probably next year.

Please do check out the two other lovely stories submitted during May which I have listed below:

Ayesha Marie:  https://onlineshortstoriesblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/27/a-fishermans-last-storm/

Gigi Sedlmayer:  http://gigised.com/change-a-short-story/