Thanks to Brigid Gallagher for this info on BookBub ads. I haven’t as yet tried this type of promotion, but definitely will in the future.

Watching the Daisies


I procrastinated at length, over running my first BookBub ad campaign, largely due to my fear of both technology and change. However, I am glad I put my fears aside, as I have been pleasantly surprised by the results .

Getting Started

BookBub offer a number of helpful posts to get you started. Check out the following page:

They also offer assistance if you are having difficulties.

I asked, and they helped.

Test Ads

They suggest running test ads and:

  • Running your test ads without any other book promotions during a set period of time,
  • Starting with a low budget of perhaps $10 to $20

I followed their advice.

Audience Targeting

The great bonus with BookBub ads is that you can focus your ads by:

  • Refining your audience by focusing on readers of similar authors,
  • Refining your audience by book category.

I set my target audience as readers of…

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