This week’s topic is:
Does a big ego help or hurt writers?
Every so often I am followed by other writers on Twitter (I’m not on Facebook), and when I check them out I am immediately suspicious of the ones that boast “Amazon best-selling author”.
Quite a few times I have checked out the Amazon rankings of these authors’ books, and guess what… they are not bestsellers!  There are no orange badges proclaiming their success, and all I can deduce from their claims are that perhaps once upon a time their book, especially if the genre is uncommon,  might have hit a favourable ranking for a day or two.
I am quite world-weary to egotistical best-selling author comments.  What’s the point of claiming you have top rankings when you do not?  These authors with their big egos are doing nothing to enhance their writing careers, and are making themselves look ridiculous.  Let’s face it, how many self-published authors get to keep that little orange badge for weeks on end?  Not many, I’ll wager.
Sure, we can boast about a great review we’ve had or a competition win, but let there be physical proof of it.  It’s no use bragging about something that readers cannot see with their own eyes.  Lies can only hurt writers’ careers in the long run.
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