This week the topic is:

‘How do you move past writer’s block?’

That’s easy … I don’t start another novel until the inspiration strikes again!

Readers can always tell if you’re writing just for the sake of trying to write something.  What usually comes of this is shite.  Sometimes it will take me 6 months to come up with another idea, but until then I’m happy writing blogs, reading more and writing reviews.

I don’t feel the need to be writing all the time.  This is a hobby for me, and so it becomes less pleasurable if I’m trying to force words out because I feel guilty if I’m not writing.  What’s the point?  I’ve got my paid work to keep me occupied, and I like taking long walks to see if inspiration might strike, but hey, if it doesn’t then I’m not really that worried.

I now write one or two stories per year.  I have a 30,000 word novella that I’ve just completed, and I’ve written the first chapter of another novel that I’ll finish probably some time next year.  As I grow older the ideas take longer to arrive, but at least they still are arriving and I’m pleased about that!

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