Fridays are my Indie author promotion days, where readers can find either Click & Run,  Friday Book Share, or Streets Ahead.

This week it’s Streets Ahead, and Richard Dee’s new Sci-fi book ‘Survive‘ has recently been published:

An interplanetary surveying expedition ends in disaster. The survivors are stranded; on a beautiful but savage planet. 
Making it home will be hard enough, without having to fight each other.

Can the truth survive one man’s desire to make a name for himself?

Ballantyne Alysom is the Galaxy’s most famous explorer.
Davis Jansen is the cameraman he takes to record his latest mission.
Alysom is giving nothing away, except that it’s something that’s never been seen before.
When things go wrong, they are marooned on a savage and uncharted planet. The survivors need a leader they can rely on.
Jansen watches and records it all as Alysom’s true character is revealed. He’s not the genial and fearless explorer that everyone sees.
The Far Explorer is a ship riddled with infighting and jealousy, Alysom is controlling and arrogant, nothing like the man that his reputation suggests.
Jansen’s efforts to expose the truth carry just as much risk as surviving on the planet did.
Maybe more
Find out if enough lies can ever bury the truth in Survive, the tale of Ballantyne Alysom.

Beta Readers’ Reviews:

What a fantastic book!!! I love how while every book you write is technically the same genre, they are all completely different.

Survive came alive from the first page, and really took on a life of its own.

The characters were all well developed and believable, the story was saturated with the atmosphere, and the bad guy Bal was someone that everyone has experienced at one point in their life!

A lot of effort has been put into the research for the story, it comes across as real instead of patently fake.

My goodness, that ending though! Perfect setup for a second book, which I sincerely hope there is one!

All in all, another fabulous read.