Welcome to this week’s Open  Book Blog Hop.  Today’s topic is:

What’s the most unusual experience you’ve ever had?  Have you included it in one of your books?

I’ve had 3 unusual experiences that were all to do with the same subject.  The experiences all took place within a short time of each other during 2007, and gave me the answer I was seeking.

I had asked the spirit world for help.  I was sure that my life was about to come to a premature end after discovering a recurrence of stage IV thyroid cancer necessitating the first of 2 neck dissections and subsequent external beam radiotherapy treatment.

The first experience after I mentally called for help occurred almost straight away.  A ‘red glow’ light bulb suddenly burst in our electric fire, which wasn’t even switched on at the time.

The second experience consisted of me sitting up in bed to get a drink.  When I switched on the bedside light my consultant was sitting on the end of my bed wearing her white coat.  She smiled at me and then disappeared.  I took the fact that she was smiling as a good sign!

The third and most bizarre experience occurred at work as I pushed a trolley full of patients’ notes along a corridor to Medical Records.  When I walked along the corridor I suddenly knew I was going to be all right.  It was only later thinking about it that I realised I had been walking past the chapel at that exact time.  I am not at all religious and cannot explain it, but hey… 13 years have gone by since then and I’m still here!

None of my novels have these occurrences in.  Perhaps I ought to write another paranormal story!

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