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I have just returned from an appointment with the dental hygienist, and it was rather different from when I went last time pre-Covid-19.  Let me tell you what happened…

First of all as soon as I got in the door my temperature was taken, and then I was instructed to use some hand sanitiser.  I was then asked if I had been in contact with anybody who’d had Covid-19, to which I replied in the negative.  A perspex screen had been erected between myself and the receptionist, who wore a mask as well for good measure.  Seats had been taken out of the reception area, and there were only 3 left.

Then the hygienist appeared.  She wore a full grey hazmat suit from head to toe.  She also had a mask over her nose and mouth, and a full visor over that.  All I could see was her eyes.

“Goodness me!” I exclaimed. “You poor thing!”

I couldn’t help saying this, as I could not imagine having to work under those conditions.  She showed me into the consulting room and I was then made to rinse my mouth for at least 5 minutes with a strong pink solution that made my mouth and cheeks burn.  Ugh. She then de-scaled my teeth, but to be sure she must have had trouble breathing under all that protective gear.

Now I have lovely clean teeth, but oh my, what a difference from last time!  As an aside, our Covid alert system is now downgraded to 3, so hopefully  the hazmat suit might be exchanged for the usual scrubs soon!