It’s the first day of another lockdown today, and to be honest I haven’t seen much of a difference. The A143 was just as busy as I set off to the hospital to type an increasing amount of Respiratory clinic letters. Okay, yeah, I was adding to the traffic jams, but I’m needed to do my bit for the NHS! When I finished work and walked the mile back to where I park my car, there were children playing in a nearby school playground, and the roads around Bury St. Edmunds looked no different than usual.

Back at my village the same people were out walking their dogs. I popped into the butcher’s shop to order my Christmas turkey and roll of topside, and a healthy queue had built up outside by the time the butcher had taken my order (they only allow one in the shop at a time). Same old same old there. Soon after that my daughter-in-law phoned to ask me to pick her up from work as she had a migraine and couldn’t drive, and I noticed her village was teeming with cars and people.

Somehow I don’t think people are treating this second lockdown as seriously as the first. Maybe complacency has set in, I don’t know, or perhaps they’ve all had enough of the first lockdown and do not want to be cooped up again. Apart from heading out to Morrisons supermarket tomorrow morning at around 07:30, I don’t plan on going out any more apart from permitted exercise for an hour or so. For me it will be an ideal time to catch up with social media and write Chapter 5 of my latest WIP. At the weekend I’ll be out gardening, as there’s lots of leaves to sweep up.

I don’t know how it is with yourselves, but it seems like business as usual around here. However, I didn’t go into the town centre, and there I suppose I’d find the difference as all the non-essential shops are closed. Hey ho, hopefully we’ll be able to get back to some semblance of normality by Christmas? What do you think?