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Is there a genre you would never try to write? Why?

I’m a realist, but I am also interested in the ‘other-world’ of the paranormal, having personally experienced ghostly/paranormal occurrences. Most of my books are loosely based on real-life situations or things that have happened to me in the past, but I have also published a couple of ghost stories which I enjoyed writing immensely. Having seen ghosts myself, I therefore believe there are ghosts and so for me they are a reality.

Over the years I have loved to write exactly what I enjoy reading; psychological and romantic suspense, humorous books with a dry wit, memoirs, family dramas, and of course paranormal/ghost tales. I spent my childhood immersed in books about ghosts, and I’m sure my mother thought I was rather odd.

However, yes, there is one genre that I would never try to write in, and that’s because it really doesn’t interest me and I can’t relate to it. I don’t like to read in this genre, and I wouldn’t attempt to write in it either because I’d write a load of crap. That genre is…


This covers anything to do with aliens, vampires, shape shifters, strange beings with even stranger names, mermaids, wizards, witches ,and any other peculiar creature that pertains to this genre. I need to be able to imagine a story in my mind’s eye as I read, and I’m afraid Fantasy just doesn’t do it for me. If I see a fantasy book in a bookstore I will pass it by. These days if anyone asks me to read and review a fantasy book I will unfortunately decline.

Sorry, but there it is. There really isn’t much else to say.

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