Thanks to The Strawberry Post for this fond memory. Years ago when my eldest son was around 6 and extremely hyperactive, I used to take him running around a track in Crystal Palace Park where the old palace had stood. My youngest son used to sit in his pushchair in the middle of the track, and Leon and I would jog around until I was knackered (he could carry on running for hours). However, by the time he was about 14 it was a struggle to get him out of bed!

The Strawberry Post

On this day, 85 years ago, a terrible fire raged in south east London.  Throughout the evening of the 30th of November and into the night, the Crystal Palace, a beautiful glass structure which was famous for hosting a range of exhibitions of art, technogies and more had caught on fire and despite monumental efforts to put out the blaze, by the morning of the next day, the 1st December, the famous Palace was no more.

The Great Exhibition

The story of the Crystal Palace begins in 1851, when the ‘Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations’ was held in Hyde Park in London.  This exhibition was a place where countries could show off their various Victorian innovations in manufacturing and other things, and it gave every country a chance to show off how far they had come boh technologically and culturally.  It was the first of…

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