1.  Dan Alatorre gives us these 10 things which make a story unreadable.

10 Things That Make Your Story UNREADABLE

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30 Writing Competitions With Cash Prizes

3.  Thanks to Archer’s Aim for this blog on how Scrivener can aid writing:

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5.  Thanks to Roberta Pimentel for these 5 ways to promote your blog for free:


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What would happen to your story in a fire?

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Annoying writing mistakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

8.  Michael Dellert gives writers 8 reasons to use Twitter:


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10.  Thanks to  Chris, the Story Reading Ape for this infographic on how to find freelance writing jobs:

HOW TO: Find Freelance Writing Jobs Infographic…

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10 Ways To Personalize Your Query to Agents

14. Georgina Cromarty shares what she has learned from blogging, and how it helps her writing:

What I learned from blogging and how it helped my fictional writing #amwriting #writing

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17.  Tara Sparling’s interview of Lorna Sixsmith focuses on how to market a book without annoying everybody:

How To Market A Book Without Annoying Everybody

Thanks to Archer’s Aim, Don Massenzio,  Kim’s Author Support Blog, Chris the Story Reading Ape, and Lizzie Chantree for the re-blogs.