1.  Lauren Sapala gives us some hints on how to write great fiction:

Want to Write Great Fiction? Stop Using the “Logical” Side of Your Brain

2.  Thanks to Jen Miller on Build Book Buzz for these tips on marketing:


3.  Tips on writing book reviews, by Christiine Husom:

Writing Book Reviews: Purpose and Tips by Christine Husom

4.  Some tips on marketing from Eva Lesko Natiello via The Book Designer.


5.  A literary agent gives advice on how to win in self publishing, via Don Massenzio’s blog:


6.  A Writer’s Path gives 10 tips for editing your short story:

10 Tips For Editing Your Short Story

7.  Sacha Black tells us of 6 writing tools for 2017:


8.  Thanks to Janice Wald (via D.G Kaye) for this advice regarding the Fotojet website:


9.  Story Empire gives advice on how to build a Twitter list:

Hootsuite, Twitter Lists, and Tweeps #MondayBlogs

10. Robert Hackett on Fortune.com (via re-blog by D.G Kaye) tells us of yet another online scam:


11.  Thanks to Jean M. Cogdell for this info on how to add a Stumbleupon button:

How to add a StumbleUpon share button

12. Kristen Lamb tells us of the single largest problem of most first time novels:


13. Thanks to Alison Williams for this warning about vanity publishers:


Thanks to A Writer’s Path, Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Don Massenzio, Indigo Sea Press, Kim’s Author Support Blog, D.G Kaye, Pearls Before Swine, and Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie for the re-blogs.