This week we’re talking about pros and cons, so I’ve decided to write down 10 pros and cons of parenthood:


  1. You get a lovely warm bundle of baby to cuddle.
  2. As the baby turns into a toddler, you get a little, warm, trusting hand to hold.
  3. You glow on hearing those four words ‘I love you Mummy’.
  4. You love your little people so much, that you could squeeze all the dinner out of them.
  5. You direct visitors proudly towards your children’s artistic endeavours festooning the kitchen wall.
  6. You get to teach a little person, and delight in their accomplishments and achievements.
  7. You remember with affection lots of happy family memories of your children as the years go by.
  8. You get to revel in the joys of grandchildren as your own children grow up and find life partners.
  9. You (hopefully) will get some help from your children once you reach your dotage.
  10. Your memory lives on in the next generation and beyond.


  1. For the first few years, you never get a decent night’s sleep.
  2. You suddenly have no disposable income.
  3. Children will push you to the limit, and then will push you a little bit more.
  4. You cannot even sit on the toilet in peace when your children are infants.
  5. There is no time to do what you want to do, or even read a newspaper.  Your child comes first.
  6. Your house will be trashed for years.
  7. You have to listen to hours and hours of screaming tantrums.
  8. You know best, but you cannot pass on your knowledge as your children think you are stupid.
  9. Your children are manipulative, and will try to play one parent off against the other in order to get what they want.
  10. There’s no let-up.  You’re on call 24/7 for at least 20 years.

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