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2  Dan Alatorre gives advice on gaining more Facebook author page likes.

How To Get More Facebook Author Page Likes

3. Raymond Crain on Mostly Blogging writes of ways to increase traffic to your blog:


4.  Lauren Sapala’s guest post on A Writer’s Path gives the most sensible advice on not comparing yourself to other writers:

Why We Compare Ourselves to Other Writers (and How We Can Stop)

5.  Blonde Write More gives some good advice here for writers:

How To Accept Literary Success Might Take Years To Achieve #SundayBlogShare #Writer

6. Thanks to Indies Unlimited for this advice regarding Vanity/Indie/Traditional publishers.


7.  Thanks to AuroraJeanAlexander on Writer’s Treasure Chest for this blog on writing a book blurb:


8.  Pekoeblaze gives 4 things learned from four years of blogging:

Four Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For Four Years

9.  Michael Cristiano gives advice on how to write a novel worthy of publishing:

Throwback Thursday: How to Write a Novel That Will Actually Be Worthy of Publishing

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