This is the last blog for a few days (I tell a lie – I’ve scheduled a couple now), as we’re away to the Island with our granddaughters later on today until Tuesday evening.  I find that every now and then it’s nice to have a little break from social media! See you all next week. x

1.  Hugh’s Views and News gives advice on what to do when one of our posts is re-blogged:

What To Do When One Of Your Blog Posts Is Reblogged #bloggingtips

2.  Sue Vincent gives us a beginner’s guide to spam and how to spot it:

Take control – A beginner’s guide to spam and how to spot it …

3.  Enjoyed this interview of editor Mary Cool, guest on Damyanti Biswas’ blog Daily Write:

4.  Dan Alatorre shows us how to critique and edit our own writing:

How To Critique and Edit Your OWN Writing

5.  Anne R. Allen gives advice on how to write contemporary fiction:

6.  Interesting info from Michael Kozlowski at Good E Reader on e-book sales:

7.  Thanks to Millionaire’s Digest for this advice on how to promote a blog:

How to Promote a Blog, Online and Off in 10 Ways (2 min read)

8.  Amy Collins at The Book Designer writes regarding publishing exclusively on Amazon:

9.  Author Marketing Experts write about Goodreads’ Listopia:

10.  Martin Cavannagh at Reedsy shares this blog/infographic about the theme of a book:

Thanks to  Felicia Denise, Chris, the Story Reading Ape, How To EBook, A Writer’s Path, Don Massenzio, and Anita Dawes & Jaye Marie for the re-blogs.