I’m currently away at an author signing in Manchester, and so this blog has been scheduled.  I’ll be back at my desk on Monday to answer any comments.

Sue Vincent’s blog ‘A Ghost of Myself’ https://scvincent.com/2017/08/17/a-ghost-of-myself/ got me thinking about all the occasions in my life and conversations I’ve had with work colleagues at the hospital which have reinforced my belief that there is life after death.

You’ve only got to speak to nurses, who deal with death on a daily basis, to realise that life does not end with our last breath.  Many times I’ve heard nurses say that they have been with a patient at the moment of death and have felt privileged to watch as their spirit left the body.  Some have told me of their experiences where dying patients have appeared elated at somehow ‘seeing’ long-dead relatives appear before them.

When I had just moved into my first flat aged 20,  I found out that somewhere my deceased uncle was watching over me.  I remember going to a demonstration of clairvoyance in the local area, where the medium singled me out.  I’d always had trouble opening my new front door – the key seemed hard to turn and I was often standing there for ages trying to get inside.  The medium told me that my uncle had seen the difficulty I was having opening my front door, and he assured me I would never have any problem turning the key again.  When I returned home the key turned as though the lock was new, and I never did have any more trouble getting into my flat.

How do you explain that?

More recently the consultant I worked with at the time was at the bedside of his dying mother at her home, and went downstairs for something or other.  When he came back up he saw a huge angel on the upstairs landing, and knew his mother had passed.  He is one of the most sane people I know, and he would never have made this up.

These are only a couple of examples.  I have seen ghosts myself, and as a child had many paranormal experiences, although at the time I didn’t know what they were.  So if any of you are wondering whether there is life after death, don’t wonder any more – I know there is!

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