Here’s this week’s topic:

Being the CEO, how do you handle all the tasks you must juggle in this writing/publishing world?  Do you hire out certain tasks?  Why or why not?

Yes, there are quite a few tasks that need doing if one is considering this writing business seriously.  I’ve listed my thoughts below

1.  Writing.  

Not actually with pen and paper, but with a PC and Word.  I’m rather thankful I completed a word processing course back in 1994, which cured me of my fear of computers and made me realise how much easier typing on a keyboard is than writing a whole novel in longhand.

2.  Proofreading.

Yep, I do this as well.  Luckily I have to do this with every clinic letter I type at work, so I’m quite used to checking for spelling and grammatical errors.   I read every chapter through twice when I’ve finished it, and usually I can spot any glaring errors straight away.

3.  Editing.

I do this chapter by chapter as I go along and then read through the whole novel a few times when it’s finished.  By reading it through more than once at the end it’s easier to check the flow and spot plot hole

4.  Cover design.

I used to pay for book covers, but now I use the KDP free version.  I’m of the opinion that the content of the book matters more than the cover, and the free versions are good enough for me.  It’s also much easier using the KDP cover creator than the CreateSpace one – even I can do it!

5.  Formatting.

Oh no, I draw a line at formatting.  It makes me angry – that tearing your hair out angry.  My table of contents never turns out how I want it to, likewise the links, and I’m happy to pay to let the professionals format my books.  Caleb’s Book Formatting Service are very reasonably priced, and Caleb himself is in the process of formatting every one of my books.

6. Marketing.

Yes I do my own marketing via WordPress, Twitter, Facebook and my website.  I try and post a blog every day or re-blog others, and belong to two Twitter re-tweet groups.  I have a monthly newsletter, and am slowly building up my email list.

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