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I was interested to read this book, as my husband has a similar situation now occurring in his family; his adopted brother has decided to go through a male to female transition at the age of 52.  His 88 year old mother will never come to terms with it, and continues to regard him as male.

Mrs  Evans’ son Jordan was born a girl, but knew at a very early age that he felt male inside.  One paragraph stood out where Jordan’s teacher asked the schoolchildren to line up – boys in one line and girls in the other, and Jordan stood in the middle.

I cannot begin to really understand the trauma of finding out your body is in a gender that your brain does not associate with.  Jordan was a typical tomboy, happy playing with other boys and dressing as a boy. The anguish started at puberty, when he could no longer hide his female body.  However, he has a very understanding mother and father who did their best to accommodate Jordan’s early transition starting when he was 13 years of age.  Unfortunately, his sister Mariah took some time to come to terms with it.

We learn from the book that there are many suicides amongst transgender teenagers, who are desperately unhappy at their plight when puberty strikes.  We also learn of the various treatments available to transgender people to help them to transition to their preferred gender.  It is quite informative although a relatively short read, but my only quibble is that I thought the price was a little too high at £6.42.

I will give this book 5 stars because of the authenticity of the information – from the author’s own experience of raising a transgender child.  I’m not sure how our own family drama is going to pan out; I rather think that 52 is a little late, but hey, so long as there’s a happy outcome in the end that’s all that matters.