Thanks to these authors and bloggers for the following writing tips:

1.  Jasmine  Eclipse, guest of Nicholas C. Rossis, for these sites that pay for your writing:

2.  Joanna Penn with 7 tips for selling more books on Kobo:

3.  Stephen Bentley says let experiences and emotions fuel your writing:

4.  Erica Verrillo with 3 new agents seeking submissions:

3 New Literary Agents Seeking Literary Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Memoir, Women’s Fiction & more – by Erica Verrillo…

5.  Janice Wald in making your content go viral:

5.  Dave Burnham with advice on proofreading:

20 Tips to Proofread Like A Professional

6.  K.M Weiland with advice on structuring your story:

7.  Mae Clair with 5 things every writer needs:

Five Things Every Writer Should Have

8.  Meg Dowell asks writers 3 important questions:

Your Answers to These 3 Questions Will Determine Whether or Not Writing is Your True Calling

9.  Milly Schmidt asks whether you can really make money from blogging:

Ask the blogger: can you really make money from blogging?

10.  Anne R. Allen with advice on publishers:

11.  Caryl Anne Crowne with advice on social media campaigns:

12.  Kristen Lamb with advice on using Twitter to connect with fans:

13.  Nicholas C. Rossis with advice on how to optimise your Amazon book page:

14.  Simkesrb with 8 online platforms to sell  your ebook: