I thought I’d publish two views I have from the window of our holiday home (the ‘van’) on the Isle of Wight, and two views from outside our main home in Suffolk:

This first photo shows the view we have of the English Channel when I look out of the van’s back kitchen window.

Van view.JPG

And this is the view out the front kitchen window of a red squirrel running up our sun parasol on the van’s decking.  No grey squirrels inhabit the Isle of Wight.  They are on the mainland, and only red squirrels are seen on the Island.


And here’s the view I have of part of our front garden in Suffolk when I sit and type:


Here’s most of it from one of the upstairs bedrooms.  The garden doesn’t look its best in January, but it’s a great deal improved from the burnt grass we had in last summer’s heatwave.  In the centre is the lid of our underground gas tank for the central heating, as there’s no mains gas in the arse end of nowhere…