Today I’m publishing a guest post by Patrick Bailey, who gives some writing tips below:

Improve Your Copy With These Writing Tips

Writing is simply communicating with your target readers. You have an idea, and you want to share it with them.

However, writing the simplest way possible could be hard at times. You may tend to move away from the general idea of your chosen or given topic. Here are some tips to improve your copy:

Be clear.

As writers, you are expected to be concise and clear with your message.

Stanford University explained that achieving this means you choose your words carefully. In short, choose straightforward words over the “fancy” ones. For example, consider the word “begin” instead of “commence.”

This does that mean, though, that you can no longer use technical terms such as RAM. Just make sure that you describe it clearly in your article. Or, you may state that alcohol is bad for someone’s health but it has to be explained why. Avoid statements that are not supported by facts.

Explain jargons, define acronyms.

Monash University advised writers to explain whatever jargon used in an article. Therefore, if there is no way for you to use an equivalent word for a technical term, explain it. Make it simple for all the readers to understand. Also, define the acronym when using it for the first time in your story. Do not let your readers guess what it could mean. Remember, there could be the same abbreviations but may mean different things.

Keep your sentences short.

The use of complex sentences may just complicate your thoughts further. Instead of communicating your ideas, you might just end up making the entire thing even more complicated. To check if your sentences are just right, count the words in it. If a sentence is more than 20 words long, cut it into two.

Run your copy in a grammar and plagiarism software.

Before submitting your copy, make sure that you read it again for typo and grammar-related errors. You may run it, too, in a grammar and plagiarism software. You may try the online facility Grammarly. Checking it, too, for plagiarism could give you peace of mind.