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Halloween/Autumn is coming, do you celebrate? What does that look like? Is it different this year?

When our boys were younger they used to dress up in ghost or wizard costumes. Sam and I would then traipse around after them and their friends, as the little group would knock on neighbours’ doors and shout out ‘Trick or Treat‘. People would shove sweets at them probably in an effort to get rid of them a bit quicker, and then with carrier bags filling up we’d go on to the next house.

This novelty wore off when they were older teenagers and had discovered girls. We would then buy sweets and keep them for any trick or treaters from the next generation down who might knock on the door.

This year I don’t suppose we are going to get many trick or treaters. After all, what parent would want their little darling touching a doorbell or a garden gate that somebody with Covid might have touched? Even worse, somebody might come to the door and breathe Covid-laden air over them! What we need is an app where the poor disadvantaged kids can go virtually trick or treating…

I don’t remember anything to do with trick or treating when I was a kid. However, I do remember sitting around a Ouija board with my friends and telling ghost stories. We’d light candles, create a spooky atmosphere and scare ourselves silly, and then somebody would always spoil it by pissing about and trying to move the marker, or did a ghost do it (lol)? As far as I remember we never did contact any ghosts, but to me this activity was preferable to knocking on people’s doors which is all the kids do today. It’s not quite the same, is it?

Probably ‘Elf & Safety have stepped in over the years, because where do you see Ouija boards now? I also remember joining in with a mass séance one lunchtime in our classroom back in about 1973. A teacher came in, went absolutely ape-shit, and tore the board up in front of us. Hey ho, we didn’t contact any ghosts then either.

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