Hey all, I’m back from the Isle of Wight until the 28th May comes around, when I’ll be off again. Until then I’ll be blogging, tweaking my new manuscript, and typing my clinic letters as usual. I’ve added a new Click & Run today, which will last for one week.

Sometimes when we’re busy it’s nice to simply leave a link to our blog or blog post and run, and so Friday Click and Run is just for that purpose. However, of course you can check out others’ links and share away if you want to. So… every Friday do add some info of what your blog is about and also a link to your blog or blog post in the comments if you’ve got a minute. You don’t have to do anything else such as sharing or commenting unless you really want to. Isn’t that cool? People may decide to check your link out, or they may not. They might decide to leave their own link and run as well, so you may meet each other heading out the door. If I see a post that’s a bit risqué, then I shall be running too – straight to the ‘delete’ button!

Fire away then… let’s see what we end up with!

As an extra I’ll also share links to my most popular posts, and so this week I’m sharing a link to a post of mine from April 7th, ‘Blogging About Blogging’: https://steviet3.wordpress.com/2021/04/07/blogging-about-blogging/