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With the slew of holidays coming up at the end of the year, do you have a watch list of shows/movies you like to watch to celebrate? What are they?

To be honest Sam and I are not avid TV watchers. We prefer to be outside walking or cycling if the weather is good and there’s any spare time when we’re not meeting up with the family. However, there are a few programmes that we will watch at Christmas if we’re in for the evening and are not doing anything else. These programmes are always shown at Christmas and I suppose Christmas isn’t the same without them.

Sam and I not watching TV with 3 of our grandchildren last Christmas

The first one is usually always shown on Christmas Eve, and that’s ‘The Snowman‘. My boys loved it when they were small, and funnily enough we still put it on if they’re visiting on that day with their own children. We all sing along with ‘Walking in the Air’ and all pretend to cry when the snowman melts at the end.

Another one I love to watch on Christmas Eve is ‘Carols from King’s’. I try and sing along, but only if no relatives are about as my voice isn’t what it was. One of our grandsons sings in a cathedral choir, and doubtless we’ll be invited along this year to take part.

Another one we’ll watch is ‘The Great Escape‘. This is usually shown on Christmas Day, and I never get tired of watching this story based on fact. There’s usually an old Morecambe & Wise Christmas special or an old ‘Only Fools and Horses’ special on too. These are timeless and always good for a laugh.

Christmastime makes me think back to those wonderful East End family parties I had years ago with all the older generation of relatives no longer with us. We’d sing and dance until the early hours, and nobody would even think of switching on the television!

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