Welcome to Day 13 of Bloganuary. Today’s topic is:

‘What does your ideal day look like?’

I’m more or less living my ideal day now, because I won’t be able to live my first choice of ideal day until I’m retired and able to spend more time at our caravan. The first choice consists of sitting on my decking in the sunshine looking out to sea or reading my Kindle, followed by long walks or cycling along the Isle of Wight seafront esplanades that I love.

However, my second choice is not too bad at all. It begins with a long walk every morning between 8 – 9am (whatever the weather), and then I settle down at my desk and type NHS clinic letters for whichever department is short of staff due to sickness or holidays. This finishes whenever I’m ready for lunch, and then after lunch I go for another walk before spending my afternoon writing, blogging, or marketing my books.

Life isn’t too bad at all really. For 20 years I’ve yearned to work at home instead of traipsing to the hospital every working day, and now during the pandemic my wish has come true. Since December I have been able to work in the comfort of my own front room. For somebody like me who prefers her own company I cannot think of anything nicer! My husband is busy online upstairs as a tech support worker in his own comfort zone, and I’m busy downstairs. We take turns making cups of tea, and meet up again at dinner time.

Do you have an ideal day? Please leave a comment or jump on the Bloganuary bandwagon…