For Day 19 the topic is:

Write about something mysterious

The greatest mystery for me is that we are all floating around in space, and we’re stuck here until the planet runs out of natural resources or spontaneously combusts. How did we get here? How did the planet (and all the other planets too) come to be in the first place, all those millions of years ago? How did the sun form?

For those who have faith in God then it’s easy, as they do not need to worry about it any more. However, for people like me who are not religious, it’s a mystery for sure. There’s fossil evidence of course as to how we evolved from the simplest creatures over time, but how did they get here?

When you sit and think about the universe, it’s utterly mind-blowing. There’s another mystery too as to whether there is life on other planets.

We all go about our daily routines on this blue planet that floats in space and orbits the sun year after year after year. We fill it up with rubbish and it carries on carrying us. The seasons change with solid regularity and we depend on the planet to sustain us until we reach the end of our lives, and it does.

How come Earth’s orbit never goes off course? How did all the planets form in the first place? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, and I fear it will never be solved.