I joined Mailchimp a couple of years ago and have always used the free account service provided. At the moment I have 1553 active subscribers, but Mailchimp have informed me that I can no longer send emails to all of them, even though their rules state that free accounts are allowed up to 2000 subscribers. Also I cannot contact them to complain that I haven’t as yet used up my quota, as that is a paid service as well. However, surprise surprise, I can ‘upgrade’ so that I can continue to inform all my subscribers of new books and Bookfunnel promotions. The basic upgrade would cost around £30 per month and give me up to 2500 subscribers. However, there are more expensive ones; the next one up still gives me up to 2500 subscribers and cost around £55 per month, but the big daddy of them all gives me up to 10,000 subscribers and costs around £290 per month.

Hmm… I say what’s the point of paying £55 per month or even £30 per month if I’m only going to get another 500 subscribers? I’m certainly not going to pay £290 per month because that’s ridiculous. And so what is going to happen is that I will have to choose a certain number of subscribers to send emails to in order to keep using the free service. This will mean that some of you on my mailing list who signed up at the start will probably not receive many emails, as I’ll now concentrate on the new subscribers who haven’t read any of my books.

Thank God for that I hear you say? Lol – I will send you details of any new books I write, but by now you’re no doubt already familiar with my work and let’s face it, if you haven’t bought copies or grabbed free samples of any of them then you’re probably now unlikely to anyway. So this blog post is just to let any mailing list subscribers that have been with me for some time know that no, I haven’t died, retired, stopped writing or moved permanently to the Isle of Wight, it’s just that … MAILCHIMP WON’T LET ME SEND EMAILS TO EVERYONE ON MY MAILING LIST BECAUSE THEY WANT ME TO PAY FOR THE PRIVILEGE AND I WON’T ..