I’ve always had an interest in reading autobiographies/biographies and memoirs. I signed up to a fairly new site, Shepherd.com, (launched on April 19th 2021) whose intention is to give readers fun ways to find amazing books. I recommended a few biographies I’d read (plus there was the added bonus that my own memoir would be advertised as well because it matched the genre of books I was promoting). You can see my own recommendations by following this link: The best memoirs and biographies for the mature reader (shepherd.com)

Ben Fox is always on the lookout for book recommendations of any genre, and if you sign up to Shepherd.com you will get the chance to promote your own book too, but as I said above it needs to match the genre you are recommending. It’s all totally FREE, which is always good!

Here’s some more info from the site’s owner:

Authors pick their 5 favorite books around a topic, theme, or mood they are passionate about, along with why they recommend each of those books. Then, we feature the author and one of their books alongside that list forever. And we promote the author, their book, and their book list throughout our website and marketing channels.

The topic, theme, or mood you pick should be in the same area as your book. Then the readers who visit your book list will be equally interested in your book. And, by making book recommendations, you are showing them your voice/personality, which gets them more interested in you and your book.