Welcome to another blog hop. Today’s topic is:

Which TV show, film or book do you binge/return to re-watch the most?

I’m not what you’d call a binge-watcher of TV shows or films. If I had a choice I’d prefer to watch documentaries, but there are a few films that I know almost word for word because I’ve watched them so many times over many years. Funnily enough some of them have Robert Redford in a starring role, probably because when he was younger he was the sexiest man on the planet! Those films I’ve learned the script of over time and feature Mr Redford are Out of Africa (my favourite), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Horse Whisperer, and The Great Gatsby. I have also watched The Go-Between and The Godfather (part 1) just as many times.

There are two comedy films that I’ll watch over and over again too, and will laugh every time…’The Full Monty’, and ‘Blades of Glory’. There’s a part of the latter (the 2 men skating) where I have to look away or I’ll choke with laughter.

As for books, I don’t often re-read novels, but one Indie book that I have read a few times because it’s so enjoyable is ‘The East End Butcher Boy’ by Joe Lawrence. I can relate to the area and its people back in that particular time. Another more modern book that I’ve read a couple of times is ‘This is Going to Hurt’ by Dr Adam Kay. As a teenager I loved to re-read A.J Cronin’s ‘The Keys of the Kingdom’, which for me became a kind of literary comfort blanket.

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