1.   A valuable tip from Ana Spoke on how to format your own manuscript for CreateSpace:

Save $150 and a week – quick how-to format a CreateSpace book interior yourself

2.  Sound advice from Nail Your Novel regarding a smoother writing style:


3.  Thanks to Sacha Black for these 7 things we need to know to master our genre’s book cover:

7 Things You Need To Know to Master Your Genre’s Book Cover

4.  Useful info from R.J Crayton at Indies Unlimited about setting up an email address forwarder:


5.  Thanks to Martin Crosbie at Indies Unlimited for this one about Amazon suspending authors:


6.  Interesting one from Alliance of Independent Authors for this info regarding promoting your free or discounted e-book:


7Good advice from Gem Stone as to why authors need to create a full Gravatar profile:


8.  Thanks to Just Publishing Advice for this blog about signing away your rights.


9.  Excellent blog from Sally Cronin on relationships:


10.  Interesting blog by Dan Koboldt regarding Amazon sales rankings:


Thanks to Chris, the Story Reading Ape,  Kim’s Author Support Blog, Don Massenzio, Martin Crosbie, for the re-blogs.  Back again with the Friday Roundup in 2 weeks.  My house is being turned upside down starting tomorrow…