Sad to read that Aldwych station has closed down; I’ve walked past that one many times too.

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It’s a simple enough question I’ve been asked many times yet, many times, I do have to stop myself from answering the question to have a good think about it first.

When I wrote my first short story, shortly after I started blogging in February 2014, I never gave the thought of where the idea for the story had come from. However, I remember very well the moment the story came to me and since then I’ve talked about it a lot. There I was, ironing the third of seven shirts, and up walked Grace Simmons demanding that I write and publish her story. Somehow, she’d managed to get the story into my head and, within seconds, I’d abandoned the ironing board for the keyboard. An hour later, I’d written Graces’ story, published it on my blog, and the first comment had come in.  Smiling, I thanked Grace, who had…

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