So, here I am about half way through my radiotherapy treatment.  My mouth and throat are on fire and it’s difficult to eat, therefore it’s also doubling as a very successful weight-loss programme (even though I wasn’t overweight to start with).

Sam is a tower of strength, driving me to Addenbrooke’s Hospital every evening.  He sits with his Sudoku book while I’m immobilised in the scanner.  By the time I come out he’s completed another page.

I drove myself to the hairdressers this morning.  By the time I returned I felt like I’d run a marathon, but a girl can’t let her standards slip, can she?  The hair has to be tamed and painted, and tamed and painted it was.  None of it seems to be falling out yet, so perhaps I’ve escaped that bit.  I’ve been told that maybe a small amount of hair will be lost right at the back of my neck, but …so far so good.

There’s just tonight’s treatment and the one tomorrow, and then I have 4 lovely days off for Easter.  Sam’s already packed the car ready for the Island.  Can’t wait to sit on my decking and get away from hospitals and sick people.  I know I’m a sick person myself, but I don’t want to be reminded of the fact.  If I can sit on my decking with a green tea, then I can be just like every other bod sitting with a cuppa on their decking!  Nobody will know there’s a sick person in their midst, and I’m certainly not going to tell them.

Hope you all have a good Easter.  Mine will take an upward turn round about 9.30pm tomorrow evening when we board the ferry for Fishbourne.  Until then it’s endure, endure, endure.  Only another 17 more treatments to go…