1.  JemsBooks asks how do authors promote their work?


2.  Thanks to Rachel Poli for these November/December writing contests:

November/December 2017 Writing Contests

3.  Kourtney Heintz gives us 6 tips to survive a writing disaster:


4.  Thanks to Lysa Grant on  Self-Publishing Review for these 15 places accepting guest posts:


5.  The Obsessive Writer gives ten blogging tips:

WordPressing – 101 (Tips for new bloggers and old)

6.  Is your book not selling?  Dan Alatorre tells why:

Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

7.  Juli Hoffman gives some free links for editing a manuscript:

Free Links for Editing Your Manuscript

8.  Thanks to Hugh’s Views & News for this info on the WordPress ‘Press This’ button.

The WordPress ‘Press This’ Sharing Button Is Back

9.  Thanks to Jina S. Bazzar for these writing tips:


10.  Thanks to Milly Schmidt for this lighthearted post about writing at work.  I must admit I’ve done this too!

The nine stages of trying NOT to write at work

11.  Thanks to Erica Verrillo for these 34 calls for submissions in November:


12.  Thanks to S.C Richmond for this Twitter update:

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