1.  Thanks to Kiefer at Mail Poet for this blog on writing memorable content (with some help from Oscar Wilde, master of wit):


2.   Chris Chalmers, guest on Linda’s Book Bag, writes about advertising/marketing books:

It Pays To Advertise? A Guest Post by Chris Chalmers, Author of Dinner at the Happy Skeleton

3.  Good guest post by Terry Tyler on Rosie Amber’s blog about giving reviews to other authors:


4. Thanks to Sheila M. Good for these editing tips:

Ask the Experts: Tips for Self-Editing

5.  Thanks to Jean M. Cogdell for these writing apps:

Writers, look at the apps I found

6.  Thanks to Dafne Wiswell for these 3 tips for writing good blog content:


7.  Yecheilyah reminds writers to set up an Amazon author page:

Self-Publishing: Don’t Forget to Set Up Your Author Central Page

8. Thanks to A Writer’s Path for this information on editing:

Which Kind(s) of Editing Does Your Novel Need?

9.  Finalize Your Writing gives some info on using an interrupter:

How to Use an Interrupter

10.  Thanks to Lizzie Chantree for this info on making a book trailer:

Making a book trailer.

11.  Thanks to Brigid Gallagher for these 20 marketing tips:

20 Marketing Tips for New Authors

12.  Belinda Griffin writes about how to overcome being overwhelmed by book marketing:



Thanks to  Chris, the Story Reading Ape, Don Massenzio, When Angels Fly, Die Erste Eslarner Zeitung,  for the re-blogs.