Thanks to the following authors and bloggers for these writing tips /information:

1.  Erica Verrillo for these 32 calls for submissions in October:

2.  Gary D. Holdaway on Nicholas C Rossis’ blog with these 5 tips for taking your writing to the next level:

3.  Simkesrb on increasing your website traffic using Pinterest:

4.  D.E Haggerty on doing a Goodreads Giveaway:

5.  Derek Haines with advice if your book gets banned:

6.  Fiction is Food for this info on ‘Blog Battle’:

Are you A writer? Then Join #BlogBattle this October and Spin Us A Tale.

7.  Kristen Lamb on how to fix your story if it’s falling apart:

8.  P.H Solomon with info regarding Scrivener:

8 Ways Scrivener Assists Writers

9.  Unholy Pursuit with advice on whether your blog is a success:

There won’t be a Roundup next week (or many blogs either come to that), as I’ll be relaxing at the van.  I’m looking forward to it!