Welcome to this week’s blog hop.  Today the topic is:

‘What are your pet peeves regarding grammar and spelling?’

I’ve listed my main peeves below.  I inwardly scream when I see these howlers in books that I’m given to review:

  • An inability to differentiate between their, they’re and there.
  • Using ‘should of‘ instead of ‘should have‘.
  • Using ‘would of‘ instead of ‘would have‘.
  • Confusing bought with brought.
  • An inability to differentiate between your and you’re.
  • Using capital letters inappropriately.
  • Not using speech marks, or just mixing speech up with the rest of the sentence.
  • Not using any commas.
  • Missing apostrophes, especially the possessive apostrophe.  I think this one is my worst peeve!
  • Putting in an apostrophe when one should not be there.  This is my second worst peeve!
  • One big block of writing instead of several paragraphs.
  • An inability to differentiate between practice (a noun, such as a GP practice) and practise (a verb, such as to practise the violin ).
  • Mixing up of tenses.

Let’s see what other blog-hoppers’ pet peeves are.  Please click on the blue button below to find out…


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