Off we went this morning to Freshwater for a hiking and biking expedition. The first stop on our agenda was Tennyson Down, where many hikers had already got there before us. You can just about see Lord Tennyson’s monument at the top of the cliffs on the left.

Hiking the Tennyson Trail to the Tennyson Monument

However, just before we hit the trail, we came across this warning below. Surely we already know cliff edges can be dangerous, or is it that Mr Edges has escaped from Parkhurst?

Oh really?

Back at the bay and a trip to the Ladies’, there’s another notice to warn the unsuspecting hiker…

No shit, Sherlock!

And this…

Don’t we already know how to wash our hands?

No, we aren’t all five years old. Some of us who are more than five actually might still have the majority of our marbles. I know cliff edges are dangerous and wet floors are slippery. I also know how to wash my hands. However, don’t worry, I won’t sue if I survive a cliff fall or go base over apex on the lavatory floor, because it’ll be my own stupid fault!

It’ll be time to hit the home trail again tomorrow and go back to work on Monday. We’ve got another couple of visits planned for the end of October and the middle of November, and then it’ll be time to drain down the van for the winter. I hate that part!

And while we’re on the subject of patronising signage, have you ever come across a packet of peanuts in the supermarket which says ‘contains nuts‘ on the back? I have, and it’s nuts, isn’t it? Sam once came home with a bag of daffodil bulbs and on the packet it said… wait for it… do not eat!!!

Back soon. x