I’ve experienced quite a few paranormal happenings over my lifetime, and recently I’ve had two more. I was at home on my own and decided to make a cup of tea. I reached into the cupboard to take out a mug, and was aware that the kettle (which was nowhere near the cupboard) had somehow switched itself on with no help from me. Today I was doing some weeding in the garden, and came across my mother’s initials etched in a 30 year old piece of concrete surrounding a drainpipe. They had not been there before.

Mum was always interested in the supernatural, just as I am. She often said that she would contact me from the ‘other side’ if she could find a way. I really don’t know if these spooky happenings are Mum’s way of telling me that she is still around, but I’d like to think that they are. Most of my paranormal happenings occurred when I was a child, but I have had other strange happenings over the last 15 years, like a lady sitting on my bed in the middle of the night and then disappearing. Light bulbs have exploded when I’ve asked out loud if anybody is there, and I have also received extremely accurate messages from one particular spiritualist medium who I had not met before.

The very last spooky happening before the kettle/concrete incidents was in the middle of the night. Mum only had a few months to live, was bedridden in her care home, and was not quite ‘with it’ anymore. I woke up around midnight, convinced that she had tried to phone me on her mobile. However, I knew that she could no longer use a phone and that her mobile sat in a drawer and was never charged. I was always at her flat every day anyway, and her carers always phoned me at home if there was an emergency.

I sat up, switched on my phone, and there was Mum’s number on it. I let myself in to her flat the next morning and she was quite lucid. She told me that she had wanted to phone me, but couldn’t remember why. I went to the drawer where her mobile phone was, and the battery was dead as always. It hadn’t been used, and she had not been out of bed.