It’s sweltering here on the Isle of Wight. The temperature inside the van usually hits around 30C in the afternoons, and so we make sure we’re not at home! There’s lots to do as always; walks on the beach, cycling along shady paths, and even kayaking when the tide is in on cooler evenings, as you can see below….

Kayaking is good fun as long as the sea is relatively calm. I just pootle along the shoreline, but Sam, being Sam, heads out to the fort and paddles around it before making his way back. He likes a challenge whereas I like to feel safe as I have much respect for the sea.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re making the most of the summer. We’re back home on Tuesday, but it won’t be long before I return to the van with my granddaughter whilst Sam has a work trip to Australia for a fortnight. See you all soon. x

P.S Terri Webster Schrandt tells me the ruby paddles match her Sunday Stills challenge topic this week, and so this is a two-in-one post as I’m also offering it for Sunday Stills Photography today.