Welcome to another blog hop. At the moment we’re away at our caravan, and so I’ll answer any comments later in the week.

Today’s topic is:

Write about a metaphor you used in one of your books. What does it represent?

In my humorous novel ‘No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal!‘, Lyn Fuller has decided to try internet dating. She signs up to MatchULike, but then has to add her picture. There are two metaphors in this brief excerpt, which as you might have worked out, are used to show that Lyn is not happy with the photographic end result:

Locating the camera setting she held the iPad at arm’s length, smiled her most dazzling smile, and pressed the button.  Immediately a grimacing and constipated-looking gargoyle with overflow grinned back.  Horrified, she pressed the delete button and tried again, only to see features resembling those of a crazed lunatic on steroids who had escaped from a mental asylum.  She giggled and endured eight more disasters before securing a picture passable enough to potentially attract non-sexual companions.  With a sign of relief she uploaded it into her profile page, and scrolled down quickly to the next section.


The best metaphor I’ve ever read was written a long time ago by L.P Hartley at the start of his book ‘The Go-Between’. He wrote ‘The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.’ Isn’t that wonderful? I wish I’d written that!

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