It’s amazing how breaking just one little rib impacts on one’s lifestyle. I have had to make many modifications to my usual activities of daily living, due to the inconvenience of having a rattling rib in the process of healing.

First off I cannot lift anything heavier than a teacup without feeling pain, and so at the moment I do not. To start with there was intense pain on taking a deep breath, coughing, sneezing, getting out of bed and bending forwards, but thankfully this has subsided somewhat to a dull ache. I cannot work up a lather with soap on a flannel, and so now have had to buy liquid soap. Even bath towels are too heavy to lift, likewise getting wet washing out of the washing machine. I cannot do the weekly shop, mow the lawn, or drive anywhere where I know I’ll have to reverse and twist my back/neck. Sam has found lots of new lifting and driving jobs to do that he’d never had to think about before.

We take our ribs for granted and never really think about them. However, I’ve been forced to think about them over the last 13 days, due to the fact that one rib in particular is telling me how stupid I was to zip about on an e-scooter at my age.

It occurred to me that the cycling/scooter protective hat really does nothing to help you at all unless you are a teenage boy and are going so fast that you fly over the handlebars and land on your head. Otherwise, I’ve found that falling off a bike twice in 2 years and now off a scooter lands me on my side and causes injuries to my chest. The first time I fell off a bike I wasn’t even moving; I had put my left foot down as I’d stopped, but didn’t see a hole in the ground. Foot went in the hole and Stevie to her great surprise went down and bruised her left side. Second time I wasn’t moving either; I’d braked and stopped on a hill, but then wobbled into a kerb and fell onto the pavement, bruising the same left side. This time I’ve broken a rib on the right side, and so at least I’ve given the left side a rest.

I don’t know how anybody would get on if they break ribs on both sides; it would be a total nightmare for them. I will cycle again when the rib stops rattling and hurting, but I won’t chance riding an e-scooter ever again!