I followed On the Couch‘s blog, and I read an interesting post by Karen Nimmo on the 8 regrets of middle age:



Out of the 8 my biggest regret is not going to University to study English.  It would have suited me better rather than the path I took when I was 18.  Apparently ‘people like me‘ didn’t go to University (did I have three heads then?) and I was actively encouraged to go out and get a job… any job.

My next biggest regret is not having a third child.  Leon was such a handful for the first 15 years of his life, that at the time I couldn’t have considered looking after any more, other than the two I already had.  Still, they’ve presented me with 4 lovely grandchildren (I’ll have 5 at the end of July) and therefore who could ask for more?

The next one is not taking the opportunity to further my musical knowledge.  When I was 11 I started at a grammar school that focused on academic subjects and had next to no musical tuition.  My violin teacher from my primary school made a special pilgrimage to my grammar school to teach just myself.  Of course all the other kids made faces through the window, as my violin lessons were always at lunchtimes.  I became terribly embarrassed and gave it up.  Now 51 years later I would have stuck a finger up at them and carried on.  Sorry Mr Kilburn (if you’re still alive) for wasting your time.

I think the majority of  people have regrets, and those are mine.  What’s yours?  Thanks to Karen Nimmo for her thought-provoking post.