Today it’s the turn of Friday Review Share to support Indie authors.  Please leave a link in the comments to a review you’ve had on Amazon or Goodreads for one of your own books.  A link to the review and a description of the book would be great (or the review itself if you like), because let’s face it, if people are interested in the book they will certainly check it out!

If you haven’t yet had any reviews for your books, then you can leave a review you’ve written for an Indie book that you’ve read and enjoyed. 

I’ll start the ball rolling with a 5 star review I had this week for ‘Finding David‘:

I enjoyed this book. It has a sense of suspense, love and wonder.
Karen and her husband Mick go to a psychic lecture, and that’s where the story starts. The Medium, Rae, started to help Karen out with some uncertain past happenings.
I found this story to be very good. It’s a little less than a 2 hour read, but well worth the time.